Deck of Cards Entertainment
A subsidiary of DOCEMG, Deck of Cards Entertainment, is a vertically integrated entertainment company that cultivates creativity, dreams and imagination. We couple that with stewardship of talent, experience, and a commitment to excellence for the development, creation and distribution of compelling, redemptive and relevant entertainment to a global audience. We own and operate a portfolio of content creation, production services, Film & TV and digital entertainment business units.

As an independent film studio based in New Jersey, we at Deck of Cards Entertainment (DOC) believes that video content is one of the most influential art forms. Truly effective video content are those that blend audio and visual elements together skillfully for an emotional and visceral experience, bringing your perspectives to life in a way that no other medium can. In addition to widen the theatrical distribution of movies aimed at audiences, the DOC’s principle mission involves using its position as premier producer and distributor to bring together the collective talents of filmmakers to create and produce high-end micro-budget and low-budget projects that provide moviegoers with a steady source of compelling and memorable productions.

As professionals and creatives, individually and collectively, we always uncover and communicate with authenticity, giving every story an honest human face. That commitment has enabled our work to premiere at Sundance and SXSW, and receive a Webby Nomination for our AOL/Huff Post web series BV 365. We also produced numerous short form content that has appeared on online outlets such as Rolling Stone, The Source magazine, Pitchfork, XXL, and music videos and branded content. Whether it’s creative direction or taking on a project from inception through delivery, DOC also offers individual feature and commercial services in production, post production and delivery, as well as consultation.

Having built incredibly strong relationships within the entertainment industry we collaborate with actors, editors, musicians, post creatives and designers to help meet your needs on every level of production. As a ever evolving progressive entertainment, DOC, also has a management division whose primary core lies in the development and representation of screenwriters, directors and actors.

Under the DOCEMG banner, Deck of Cards Entertainment’s sister company Deck of Cards Music, a record label and music publishing company, has a music distribution deal with The Orchard, which is independently operated but owned by Sony Music. Deck of Cards Music will release the soundtracks for productions that Deck of Cards Entertainment produces or distributes.