Three Dollar Taco
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Three Dollar Taco
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Charlie Le Grice in Three Dollar Taco.

A young woman’s reluctant kindness is returned to her in a time of need.

Whitney Cobb is a journalist in New York City struggling to make ends meet. With only $20 to her name, Whitney is unable to pay her portion of the rent and barely has anything to eat; but even after a bad day at work, while reluctant, Whitney looking to force good karma to come her way, gives a homeless man her last $20. When she arrives back to her apartment she realizes her roommate has eaten her leftovers leaving her with no choice but to go to the Mexican market down the street that sells tacos for $3. When it’s time to pay for her order, Whitney doesn’t have enough money to buy her tacos and there is no room to haggle. Embarassed and tired, Whitney is set to return home hungry, but to her astonishment, the homeless man from earlier that she gave her last $20 to, shows up and gives her change, saying, “I only needed a dollar.” Whitney is grateful and can now pay for her tacos; she exists the market looking to further express her gratitude but the homeless man is no where in sight.


Director’s Statement:

Inspired by our shared obession with high quality independent cinema, we wanted to tell a story that focused on kindness as a guiding principle of humanity and set against the gritty unforgiving truth of New York City, which isn’t commonly known for displaying such empathy. Working from an outline only, we went to great lengths to have fiction and nonfiction elements compliment one another by using a cinematic language that is so vibrant and distinct which would subtly display New York City as a character. Scenes shot with slow zooms to create a seamless showcase of emotive reality.

  • Starring
    Charlie Le Grice/ Norman Outlaw/ Liz Logan/ Fady Kerko/ Martin Revere/
  • Boom Operator/Production Assistant
    Xiaoxing Zhao/
  • Associate Producer
    Judy Haubert/
  • Produced By
    Brian Luman/ Samuel C. Morrison, Jr./
  • Director/Editor/Cinematographer
    Adio Ash/
image character
Charlie Le Grice
as Whitney Cobb

Charlie Le Grice is a confident Brooklyn-based bi-lingual actor-dancer-model-singer that is trained in film and theatre.

image character
Norman Outlaw
as Rufus (The Homeless Man)

Norman Outlaw is  a SAG/AFTRA actor/writer  from New York City that is advancing my career in film, television and theater .

image character
Liz Logan
as Cheryl McKenzie

Liz Logan is a SAG/AFTRA actress from New Jersey. She’s a friendly, professional, exceptional talent who takes great direction and is extremely reliable.

image character
Fady Kerko
Nelson (Restaurant Worker)

With a Mass Communications Bachelor’s degree in Programming and Production from University of South Florida. Fady Kerko is currently living in NYC, where he is actively honing his talents as an actor in both stage and film.

image character
Martin Revere
The Landlord